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It’s not rocket science… pet parents just have to educate and inform themselves as I have about the misinformation which is the pet industry-industrial complex marketing machine that generates annual quantum revenue of over $100billion+ of $$$$ / year which includes BigPharmaMafia combined with the veterinary industry which includes dangerous, very low-quality commercial pet foods [i.e. veterinarian-sold prescription diets] along with bad, unethical and / or unknowledgeable veterinarians and their member associations AVMA, AAHA, AAFP, NASPHV, AVA, BVA, CVMA, etc… all at the expense of the health of your beloved, precious pets… and your bank account!!!

Roger Biduk-positive testimonals

“Finally, thru both education and mass communication this disgrace in both pet food greed and vet ignorance is now shown. Great website!” John F., New York

“I love this guy! If you’re a pet “parent”, check out Roger’s page [FB] and research! The information is eye-opening!” Larry W., California

“It’s because of you Roger that I did it [change diet] and now I tell everyone about you and your FB page!!!! Such a major difference!!! My diabetic doxie is testing so low for Insulin… it’s AMAZING!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!” D.L.M., California

“I bought the probiotic and Omega 3 that Roger recommended! Felt like I added 5 years to the life of my cat KC. If I had known Roger 14 years ago, Emily [Golden Lab ] would still be alive! I firmly believe that!“ Amy H., New Jersey

Roger Biduk - Dog We Are Their Guardians“Thank you again for ALL your counsel. I’m making great progress [in feeding a good pet food diet]. It is so meaningful to have a knowing advisor. I recognize that in you and believe me, I am grateful.“ Dr. Nancy Jane C., PhD, North Carolina

“I spent most of the night hours going over every link and article you wrote. The hours that this took you to gather all this information for us to learn how to keep our pets safe has not gone unappreciated. Thank you.“ Gail B., New Jersey

“Your words of wisdom have led me to see what’s important when it comes to my pups and their health. Thank you!“ Bonita B., North Carolina

“This is by Roger Biduk whom I agree with and follow here on FB… I would recommend every pet owner to follow him… he can teach you a ton… it’s worth it … trust me… if you love your pets he is worth listening to…“ Marie I., Ohio

Roger Biduk-Danya EyesHere’s what one of the very best veterinarians in the world, Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, CVH has to say about his very own collegues in the veterinary profession:

“My goal in all of this is to have your animals be such a glowing example of what’s possible with natural health that they can be a force to change the world! Your animals are counting on your choices to thrive!

Roger Biduk-Danya Face Close Up“Your animals are too valuable to you to blindly follow recommendations from conventional [allopathic] veterinarians, aka “Dr. WhiteCoat“. If you question authority and prevention practices that often end up damaging animals in the name of ‘health’, we’re your pack!

“My goal is to provide you with the most easy and efficient ways to create a disease-proof animal… A truly Vital Animal!
And that means you’ll need to step out of the conventional medical paradigm, because, dear readers, that’s where disease is made!

“I don’t pull punches… I’m a veterinary insider who knows how Dr. WhiteCoat thinks and I can help you make wise health decisions for those animals who count on you every day. Unfortunately, the burden is on you to carry this torch [making the best decisions for your pet]. Don’t expect Dr. WhiteCoat to lead the charge!

Roger Biduk-Holistic Vets“A large part of getting this glorious outcome [vital, glowing, well-balanced, fully free animals that smell good, feel soft and clean, their eyes are bright and clear, their teeth gleam, they exude energy and are disease-symptom free] depends on you walking the natural path and taking responsibility for the animals in your care.

“You know better than to discuss raw diets with your conventional [allopathic] veterinarian. That horse isn’t racing!
You may have even run into “fauxlistic” [faux meaning false in French] vets who offer some natural modality they’ve trained in for a weekend, but still make recommendations like repeated vaccinations [along with pet foods with horrible ingredients like Hill’s Prescription Roger Biduk-Vets Watch Out For BadDiet, Hill’s Science Diet and other “prescription diets” and / or poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic flea / heartworm pesticide pills / topical applications] that make your skin crawl!

“It’s no longer in your best interests to turn that responsibility over to Dr. WhiteCoat, as he’s not on the same path [$$$$], especially in the most important piece of health care you must decide: vaccinations [and diet]. There are some things that will, predictably, cause illness in your animal. Most of these are commonly recommended by Dr. WhiteCoat!”

Roger Biduk-Veterinarian Dollar Signs Eyes Vaccinations•    Annual / frequent vaccinations.
•   Neurotoxic, carcinogenic poisonous chemical pesticides for heartworm / fleas / dewormer in the form of pills, topical applications, collars or injections whose active ingredients are sensitizers and irritants that cause terminal seizures, terminal cancer, terminal auto-immune disease, terminal neurological disorders, reproductive and birth defects and terminal liver and kidney disease in people and animals.
•    Low-quality commercial pet foods, including veterinarian-sold “prescription diets”.
•    Very powerful and often dangerous drugs such as steroids [Prednisone, Prednisolone, Dexamethasone, Medrol, Triamcinolone, etc.], antibiotics  and NSAIDs [Rimadyl (carprofen), Metacam (Meloxicam), Deramaxx (Deracoxib), Previcox (Firocoxib), Etogesic (Etodolac), Zubrin (Tepoxalin), Novocox (Carprofen), Vetprofen (Carprofen), Carprieve (Carprofen), Quellin (Carprofen), Orocam (Meloxicam), Loxicom (Meloxicam), Meloxidyl (Meloxicam), etc.] that directly compromise the immune system and major organs such as the kidneys, liver and heart.

Read Dr. Falconer’s amazing website and subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

1aRoger Biduk has talked to a plethora of veterinarians, pet food companies and pet parents and has done hundreds upon hundreds of hours of research. Three things stand out, are indisputable and should be recognized by each and every pet parent:

1) Almost 100% of illness and disease leading to premature death in dogs / cats may be directly related to: (a) diet – “inappropriate” ingredients in up to 90% of commercial pet foods; i.e. Royal Canin, Purina, Pedigree, Hill’s Science Diet, Ol’ Roy, Iams, Eukanuba and “prescription diets” (sold only by veterinarians) to name but a few; (b) More than one-time vaccinations; (c) Neurotoxic, carcinogenic poisonous chemical pesticides for heartworm / fleas / dewormer in the form of pills, topical applications, collars or injections whose active ingredients are sensitizers and irritants that cause terminal cancer, terminal auto-immune disease, terminal neurological disorders, reproductive and birth defects and terminal liver and kidney disease in people and animals; (d) And the many very, very powerful drugs – steroids (i.e Prednisone), NSAIDs (i.e. Rimadyl, Deramaxx) and antibiotics manufactured by BigPharmaMafia and too often Roger Biduk - Vet profession threat informed pet parentused, misused and over-prescribed by many veterinarians, usually allopathic veterinarians.

2) If your cat/dog is having any health problems whatsoever, always visit or do a phone consultation with a good allopathic veterinarian that has taken advanced post-graduate courses and training and is qualified to practice holistic veterinary and integrative medicine whose approach is to stop putting into the animal the things that have caused the physical problem in the first place (bad commercial diet, frequent vaccinations, steroids, NSAIDs, flea / heartworm pesticides, antibiotics, etc.) and to treat the whole animal, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the animal’s natural abilities to heal itself.

3) The equation for cat / dog / pet parent happiness: AVOID annual / frequent vaccinations and boosters + AVOID misuse and overuse of powerful and often dangerous drugs (steroids [i.e. Prednisone], NSAIDs [i.e. Rimadyl, Deramaxx], antibiotics, etc.) + AVOID poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic flea / heartworm chemical pesticides + Feeding a Roger Biduk - Happy dog and catspecies appropriate diet = Healthiest cats / dogs = No vet visits = Unhappy vets, AVMA, AAHA, AAFP, NASPHV, AVA, BVA, CVMA & BigPharmaMafia = Happiest and healthiest cats / dogs = Happiest pet parents!

Roger, I looked at your website and you have really compiled a great deal of useful information for people. Well done. Dr. Charles Loops, DVM.

“Dear Roger: Hello! Yes, you can put a link to our site on your web site. Your site looks very informative and interesting! Best, Jean.” Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM, Veterinary Hematologist and Immunologist; Former President of the Scientist’s Center for Animal Welfare; Former Chairman of the Committee on Veterinary Medical Sciences and Vice-Chairman of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources, National Academy of Science; Selected as Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of the Year by Roger Biduk - Dr. Jean Doddsthe American Animal Hospital Association in 1974; Recipient of the Region I Award for Outstanding Service to the Veterinary Profession from the American Animal Hospital Association in 1977; Recipient of the Gaines Fido Award as Dogdom’s Woman of the Year in 1978 & 1990; Awarded the Centennial Medal from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984; Elected a distinguished Practitioner of the National Academy of Practice in Veterinary Medicine in 1987; Recipient of the Holistic Veterinarian of the Year Award from the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association in 1994. Dr. Dodds was a grantee of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH) and has over 150 research publications.

“I just came across your website and I just wanted to email you and thank you so much for all the great information that you are trying to make aware to the public! I have done extensive research on the best nutrition for my dog Bentley {Jack Russell} who seems to be suffering from allergies. I have been so concerned with what to feed him. I agree with you completely. I will be feeding him an all meat diet for the rest of his precious life. I just knew before I even read your articles that it was the best thing to do. I just wanted to really give you a huge thanks for confirming that beyond any doubt. I strongly agree about the vets. It really should be a crime (recommending bad commercial pet foods and annual vaccinations). Oh Bless You for all that you are doing for the animals. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Please….. continue to make people aware!” M. K., Charleston, S.C.

“Thank you so much for your website. It makes me happy to see that there are people fighting for truth out there. Because of their stupid commercials, PR departments, marketing, pay offs and stupid names like Purina (over 1009 documented complaints with Consumer Affairs) Beneful (being accused of poisoning dogs, also having over 1561 documented complaints with Consumer Affairs) and fancy Meow Mix jingles, people are tricked into buying them. It’s like slaves voting for Snowjoband defending their masters. It really bothers me that if you Google “top quality cat food” Fancy Feast (“considered to be one of the worst foods on the market” as per review) comes up first. What a scam! If only the general public were more aware of their marketing and inappropriate ingredients (and blatant lies, it seems!). I am definitely going to feed him ONLY raw or prepared raw from now on.” Liza, Syracuse, New York; See Snowjob, Liza’s beautiful Snowshoe cat and his musical talents playing the piano.

“It is unfortunate that human greed is the reason for cheap and nasty pet food. As I don’t consider myself to be a cow, I have eliminated grains in my family to a minimum. Most grains deliver empty calories, like white bread etc. The same goes for most rice or pasta types, the goodness has been taken out of it like the kernel and the oils and we eat what is left. Not a very healthy diet for humans either, but a cheap if dangerous alternative, like dog and cat food. It would be a benefit for the pet owner community and their pets if veterinary colleges teach animal nutrition on a matter of fact basis and not on a matter of profit basis. Very informative webpage.” Katie, Pet Parent.

“Every year, over 30 thousand dogs and cats in the U.S. die from adverse reactions from unnecessary vaccines. The American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, and the American Animal Hospital Association as well as twenty- two schools of Veterinary Medicine in the U.S. have Roger Biduk - Vaccinations over-vaccinations kills ; Dr John Robbendorsed reductions in the numbers and frequency of vaccinations recommended for pets. More and more research has confirmed that most vaccines are unnecessary and potentially harmful. And yet 90% of the Veterinarians in the United States have ignored these guidelines, and continue to give vaccines, which have been proven to be unnecessary and potentially harmful.” Dr. Bob Rogers, DVM

Dr. Richard Pitcairn book“Roger, if you want to add: I have seen many chronic illnesses in dogs and cats following vaccine use. The chief problem is the vaccination routinely of those not really healthy to begin with. They do not respond well and become even more out of balance as a result. If the animal is healthy to start with and mature enough to respond appropriately, then one vaccination is sufficient for life immunity in most instances. It is far better to vaccinate for one thing at a time than combined, multiple diseases in one injection that are very unnatural and confuse the immune system. Best to you” Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM, Ph.D. Author of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats.

“Hi Roger, looks like you made the point to me! Good education for the reader. You can certainly link to my webpage.” Sincerely, Dr. Charles Loops, DVM

 “I really look forward to feeding them their new food (Wellness)!!!! I really really do!!!!! And thank you for opening my eyes!!!!” Ryna, Pet Parent

“It was very hard to take this all in. I had to turn off the video about the Iams study in the laboratory. There is a special hell for the people and companies that know what they are doing and still do it to turn a buck. Absolutely disgusting!” Ryna, Pet Parent

“Other website proprietors should take this website as a model, very clean with a user-friendly style and design, let alone the content. You’re an expert in this topic!” Sandra R., Website Designer

“Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting information.” Roger C., Pet Parent


Your animal companions will thank you for the rest of their lives!

Absolutely nothing… nothing, nothing, nothing is more important to your cat/dog than the ingredients in the food that you feed her/him…!


“Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet food, he/she is brought that much closer to diabetes, hypoglycemia, overweight, nervousness, cataracts, allergy and death!” Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick, DVM

“Of the tens of thousands of veterinarians practicing in the United States, many are incompetent, careless or both. Others fail to deliver adequate care because their singular focus on profits makes them unwilling to pay for qualified employees, equipment, supplies, etc. I have even known of one vet who diluted her euthanasia drugs and another who re-used single-use surgery supplies. Unnecessary deaths and suffering have become commonplace.” Diane Parrish law offices of Diane Parrish – veterinary malpractice; injuries to animals.

Dr. Alicia McWatters, Ph.D. said it best: “Why do some veterinarians [and now, unbelievably, the AVMA and AAHA] misrepresent the benefits of feeding a raw natural diet and promote the practice of feeding an inferior commercial kibble diet? For many it is ignorance while for others it is more calculated.”

“How unethical are the AAHA, AVMA, NASPHV and AAFP” asks Roger Biduk? Plenty! They recently came out with a directive instructing veterinarians to dissuade pet owners from feeding their dogs (carnivores) and cats (obligate carnivores) a balanced, enzyme-rich, raw meat diet! Why? It’s all about big, big $$$$. Because these dogs/cats will now be healthy because of being on a species-appropriate diet, they’ll almost never have to go see a veterinarian because of food related illness or disease leading to premature death!”

On the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) [and now also the AAFP, NASPHV and AAHA] recently telling veterinarians to discourage pet owners from feeding raw pet food diets: “sorry, AVMA, you are all wet on this one. My own raw fed dogs have been healthier for the past 20 years than my clients’ dog food eating dogs. Are we veterinarians promoting health or the pet food industry, with all its recalls, Chinese ingredients, and biologically inappropriate diets? And why in the world is AVMA worrying about what perhaps 2.5% of the pet food market does? Surely there are serious problems affecting more pets than this… How about the jerky treats from China that are actually killing dogs, which FDA refuse to order recalled.”Dr. Laurie S. Coger, DVM,

The diet you feed your cat/dog determines their health and life expectancy more than any other care! Never, never, never, never ever forget this!!!

“The average sized dog and cat only lives 10 – 14 years while my dogs have reached 19.5 yrs. and cats 26 yrs. without EVER stepping in a vet’s office except once for neutering as puppies and kittens.” Roger  Biduk

Up to 95% of all dog and cat illnesses, diseases and premature death are food and vaccination related and by giving poisoous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic flea / heartworm pesticides! You may spend over ten thousand dollars in veterinary fees for food and vaccination related illnesses and diseases over the life of your dog or cat, yet this could be reduced to almost zero overnight!

In his book Dr. Pitcairn’s complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats, Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM, Ph.D. states, “my clinical experience over the last 27 years confirms that a diet of cooked foods alone will not maintain your pets in top-notch condition… The difference in many animals given a home-prepared, raw food diet after eating processed foods most of their lives is nothing short of amazing.”

The results of a clinical trial suggest that 74.7% of common diseases in dogs (some symptoms had a cure rate of up to 94%) and 63% in cats (84% of cats showed a healing response within 12 months) can be eliminated without medical intervention over a period of one year just with proper diet modifications (replacing food that doesn’t resemble whatsoever what your cat or dog would eat in the wild with one that does)! You can read about the clinical trial here.

By the age of four, up to 85% of cats and dogs have developed a potentially fatal disease! These animals will die of cancer, renal failure, tumors, urinary problems, kidney and / or liver disease (all found in humans) and other preventable diseases. Half of all dogs over the age of ten have cancer!

All this can be prevented by simply changing what your pet eats, eliminating annual or “routine vaccinations” and it’s cheaper!


Since the beginning of time, the natural diet of a canine & feline has always been, still is and will always be the perfect example of a raw version of the Adkins Diet (high protein, low carbs)! The same goes for your cat or dog.

“Before looking at all other alternatives, non-holistic veterinarians are quick to charge pet owners,” says  Roger Biduk, “a fortune by prescribing drugs such as steroids, NSAIDs, antibiotics and corticosteroids which in many cases only makes the problems worse. These veterinarians are not trying treating the illness or disease, they’re treating the symptoms and that’s not close to being the same nor is it in the best interest of the health of the animal.”

If you need some veterinary advice, “the best thing to do is to contact a holistic veterinarian whose approach is stop putting into the animal the things that have caused the physical problem in the first place (over-vaccinations, drugs, bad diet, etc.) and to treat the whole animal, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the animal’s natural abilities to heal itself,” advises Roger Biduk.

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