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Make sure if you do a phone consultation or visit a veterinarian who says they are qualified to practice “holistic / integrative” veterinary they are who they say they are. I’ve seen and heard of much too many, many, many veterinarians and animal clinics / hospitals say they’re qualified to practice holistic veterinary and integrative medicine but most certainly are not and do not!

Roger Biduk - Vets Watch Out For Bad vetsALL vets and animal clinics / hospitals I know of who only practice basic allopathic veterinary are simply schills and salespeople of BigPharmMafia and garbage Hill’s Prescription Diets and Hill’s Science Diet, many of whom will misrepresent themselves with the “holistic / integrative vet” title!

These vets over-vaccinate, sell garage prescription diets and sell neurotoxic, carcinogenic poisonous chemical pesticides for heartworm / fleas / dewormer in the form of pills, topical applications, collars or injections whose active ingredients are sensitizers and irritants that cause terminal cancer, terminal auto-immune disease, terminal neurological disorders, reproductive and birth defects and terminal liver and kidney disease in people and animals.

“You know better than to discuss raw diets with your conventional [allopathic] veterinarian [Dr. WhiteCoat]. That horse isn’t racing!
“You may have even run into “fauxlistic” [faux meaning false in French] vets who offer some natural modality they’ve trained in for a weekend, but still make recommendations like repeated vaccinations [and / or “prescription diets” and / or poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic flea / heartworm chemical pesticide pills, collars and / or topical applications] that make your skin crawl!” the great Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, CVH

In fact, it’s gotten so bad with these vets who hide behind the “holistic / integrative vet” title that the great Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, CVH put together “16 Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Your Holistic Vet“.

To protect and save the lives of your pets and your bank account balance, EVERY veterinarian MUST be emailed and / or asked the following fourteen questions:

  1. Roger Biduk - Veterinarian Dollar Signs Eyes VaccinationsDo you recommend annual / frequent vaccinations or “boosters” even though vaccines are good for life immunity and do you inform pet parents about that fact… do you inform pet parents that vaccinating too young and frequent vaccinations are among the main causes of terminal illness and disease leading to premature death in cats / dogs and that because maternal antibodies protect the animals till 16-20+ weeks they should NOT get any vaccines before then and indoor cats should NEVER be vaccinated for anything?

  2. Do you vaccinate with very dangerous mumbo jumbo, whombo combo “vaccines cocktails” DHPP, DHLPP, DHLPPC, DA2LPPC, 6-Way, 7-Way, 5-in-1, 7-in-1, etc.!

  3. Do you recommend very, very dangerous vaccines that don’t work such as Leptospirosis, Lyme disease and Bordetella [Kennel Cough]?

  4. Considering that cessation of growth and the closure of bone growth plates happen at around 12–24 months of age in cats / dogs depending on breed and neutering too early is a major cause of arthritis, hip dysplasia, other mobility problems and terminal health issues including cancer later on in life, most all shelters / rescues and bad vets criminally neuter as early as 8 weeks! What is your neutering protocol?

  5. Do you recommend / sell neurotoxic, carcinogenic poisonous chemical pesticides for worms / ticks / heartworm / fleas in the form of pills, topical applications, collars or injections whose active ingredients are sensitizers and irritants [materials that cause severe skin and / or respiratory responses] that cause terminal seizures, terminal cancer, terminal auto-immune disease, terminal neurological disorders, reproductive and birth defects and terminal liver and kidney disease in people and animals which may include ProHeart 6, Revolution, Bayer Advantage, Bayer Advantage II, Bayer K9 Advantix II, Hartz UltraGuard Pro, Hartz UltraGuard Plus, Hartz First Defense, Roger Biduk - FDA Approved Poison ScullBravecto, Bayer Seresto, Interceptor, Heartgard, Parastar, Parastar Plus, Pentagon, Parastar, Parastar Plus, Johnston’s Veterinary, Heartgard Plus; Tri-Heart Plus, Vectra 3D, Capstar, Sentinel, Frontline, Safe-Guard, Trifexis, NexGard, Simparica, Comfortis, Zodiac, Prowormer, Nemex 2, Droncit, Drontal Plus, Panacur, Heartgard Chewables, Iverhart Plus, Iverhart, Zimectrin or Advantage Multi among others… and do you inform pet parents these are all “regulated” by EPA because they’re considered toxic, poisonous pesticides and neurotoxins, are most likely carcinogenic and may be responsible for fatal illnesses and diseases such as terminal seizures, terminal cancer [cancer is now the #1 killers of dogs!], terminal kidney disease, terminal autoimmune disease, terminal liver disease and terminal neurological disorders leading to premature death?

  6. Roger.Biduk-Heartworm LifecycleDo you tell pet parents?:

    • The key to avoiding potential disease caused by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes is to create an environment within the dog’s body such as a strong, vibrant immune system that makes the dog an undesirable host.

    • The first and most important defense against parasites and illness / disease is a strong, viral, vibrant immune system and go forward from there.

    • Several conditions must be perfect for heartworm to survive. Heartworm “meds” are sold by fear!

    • If giving poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, chemical pesticide pills / topical applications, because of the heartworm lifecycle, dosage of once every four months and not every month is sufficient!

  7. Roger Biduk - Big Pharma MafiaDo you prescribe powerful, dangerous and often deadly drugs such as:

    · Steroids including Prednisone, Prednisolone, Dexamethasone, Medrol, Methylprednisolone Acetate [Solu-Medrol, A-Methapred, Depo-Medrol], Vetalog [Triamcinolone]

    · NSAIDs including Rimadyl (Carprofen), Metacam (Meloxicam), Deramaxx (Deracoxib), Previcox (Firocoxib), Etogesic (Etodolac), Zubrin (Tepoxalin), Novocox (Carprofen), Vetprofen (Carprofen), Carprieve (Carprofen), Quellin (Carprofen), Orocam (Meloxicam), Loxicom (Meloxicam), Meloxidyl (Meloxicam) 

    · Atopica [Cyclosporine]

    · Apoquel [Oclacitinib]

    · Antibiotics for anything and everything among other drugs… and do you inform pet parents of the serious and sometimes fatal short and long-term consequences of using these very powerful and often dangerous drugs?

  8. Roger Biduk - Dog ingredients mom readingDo you sell “prescription diets” such as Purina Veterinary Diets, Iams Veterinary Formulas, Hill’s Prescription Diets, Hill’s Science Diet, Eukanuba Veterinary Diets, Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition or Royal Canin Veterinary Therapeutic Formulas… and do you inform pet parents of the very low-quality and often dangerous ingredients (soy, grains, corn, by-products, animal digest, animal fat, etc.) and guaranteed analysis which contains very, very low animal protein and very, very high carbohydrates (harmful grains, sugars, starches, cellulose, etc.) in any “prescription diet” you recommend and that many of these ingredients are loaded with GMOs and deadly cancer-causing alfatoxins?

  9. If you do sell Hill’s Prescription Diets and / or Hill’s Science Diet, do you tell pet parents the following:

    Roger Biduk - Dog Food Poison Bowl With Vet*Veterinarian-sold formulas from Hill’s Prescription Diet and Hill’s Science Diet were recalled by FDA for containing ingredients from China that sickened and killed untold numbers of cats / dogs by poisoning them with Melamine.

    *On April 14, 2014, Purina, Pedigree and Hill’s Science Diet (veterinarian-sold!) were found to contain cancer-causing aflatoxin! Aflatoxins are considered to be among the most cancer-causing agents on the planet.

    *Veterinarian-sold Hill’s Prescription Diet was caught (January / 2015):

    • Containing very dangerous levels of calcium, three times the legal limit!
    Roger Biduk-Dogfood Poison Scull• Containing very dangerous high levels of mycotoxin risk (mycotoxins are among the most carcinogous substances on the planet!)
    • Contained very dangerous numerous bacteria including two the FDA terms “Qualifying Pathogens” posing a “serious threat to public health”! I’m sure your vet forgot to mention that!

    *Do you tell pet parents that the very inadequate education you received regarding cat / dog nutrition in vet school was most likely “taught” by representatives who work for Hill’s Nutrition, the makers of Hill’s Prescription Diet and Hill’s Science Diet?

  10. Do you tell pet parents that the words “prescription diet” are nothing more than a deceptive marketing scam and mean absolutely nothing… that there’s nothing “prescription” about the low-quality ingredients that may include no meat, corn, by-products, powdered cellulose, wheat, soy, GMOS, deadly aflatoxins, etc. and are very, very low in animal protein and up to 60% carbohydrate?

  11.  Roger Biduk - Raw dog food, feedDo you agree with the AVMA, AAHA, AAFP, NASPHV, BVA, AVA, CVMA, etc. and tell pet parents that feeding their cats [obligate carnivores] and dogs [carnivores] a species-appropriate, balanced, enzyme-rich, moisture-rich, 100% raw meat diet similar to what carnivores have been thriving on for the last 40 million years is dangerous and a very bad idea?

  12. Considering that most all vaccines are good for life immunity, before giving any vaccinations or “boosters” do you recommend / do titer tests [cost to the vet is only $10-$20!] that measure the levels of antibodies [protection] that are already in a cat’s / dog’s blood sample, protecting the Roger Biduk - Titer Testcat / dog and negating the need for another dangerous and harmful vaccination… if not, why not?

  13. Besides practicing basic allopathic veterinary which focuses mainly on “pharmacological solutions” that in many / most cases only SUPPRESS the symptoms of a sick cat / dog with very, very powerful drugs from Roger Biduk - Titer rabies testBigPharmaMafia and prescription diets (usually Hill’s Prescription Diets or Hill’s Science Diet which most often contain “inappropriate” ingredients), both of which often cure NOTHING and in many situations makes matters even WORSE, have you taken advanced post-graduate courses and training to be qualified to practice any modalities in holistic and integrative veterinary… if not, why not?

  14. Roger Biduk - Holistic VetsAre you a practicing member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA), International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS), American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine (VCHM), American Association of Veterinary Acupuncturists (AAVA) and / or the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH)… if not, why not?

If the answer to questions #1, #2, #3, #5, #7, #8, #11 is “yes” and “no” for #6, #9, #10. #, #12, #13 and #14, you may want to  politely say “thank you for your time” and look for another veterinarian!

At the very least, when you ask these questions to a veterinarian, you will get instant respect; he / she will know right away that you know your stuff, you’re not screwing around and you mean business, demanding the very best for your cat / dog and your bank account balance!

I know of over 1000 in the U.S., 100 in Canada and 14 in the U.K. The U.S. vets can be seen on my Pinterest page and webpage and the Canadian and U.K. vets on my webpage.

You can contact me on Facebook with your zip / postal code and I can give you referrals to good vets near you whose work I’m familiar with.

Here’s what one of the very, very best veterinarians in the world, Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, CVH has to say about conventional [allopathic] veterinarians:

“Your animals are too valuable to you to blindly follow recommendations from conventional [allopathic] veterinarians, aka “Dr. WhiteCoat“. If you question authority and prevention practices that often end up damaging animals in the name of ‘health’, we’re your pack.

“I don’t pull punches. I’m a veterinary insider who knows how Dr. WhiteCoat thinks, and I can help you make wise health decisions for those animals who count on you every day. Unfortunately, the burden is on you to carry this torch [making the best decisions for your pet]. Don’t expect Dr. WhiteCoat to lead the charge!

“A large part of getting this glorious outcome [vital, glowing, well-balanced, fully free animals] depends on YOU walking the natural path and taking responsibility for the animals in your care. It’s no longer in your best interests to turn that responsibility over to Dr. WhiteCoat, as he’s not on the same path [$$$$], especially in the most important piece of health care YOU must decide: vaccinations [and diet].

“There are some things that will, predictably, cause illness in your animal. Most of these are commonly recommended by Dr. WhiteCoat!”

•    Annual/frequent vaccinations.
•    Toxic, poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic dewormer / flea / heartworm pills, collars and topical applications.
•    Low-quality commercial pet foods, including veterinarian-sold “prescription diets”.
•    Very powerful and often dangerous drugs such as steroids (i.e. Prednisone), antibiotics, corticosteroids and NSAIDs (i.e. Rimadyl) that directly affect the immune system and major organs such as the kidneys, liver and heart.

Check out Dr. Falconer’s amazing website and subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

Webpage of over 900 veterinarians in the U.S., 120 in Canada and 15 in the U.K. who have you taken advanced post-graduate courses and training to be qualified to practice holistic veterinary and integrative medicine in one form or another. My Pinterest page is constantly being updated.

Some of these vets do house calls and if there’s none in your area, most all of the good ones do very reasonably priced phone consultations… they most often don’t have to see your cat / dog and any tests that are needed can be done at your local allopathic vet.

If you need a recommendation, post a message on my Facebook timeline with your zip/postal code.

The simple equation for heathy, happy cats / dogs and happy pet parents :

AVOID annual / frequent vaccinations and boosters + AVOID misuse and overuse of powerful and often dangerous drugs (steroids [i.e. Prednisone], NSAIDs [i.e. Rimadyl, Deramaxx], antibiotics, etc.) + AVOID poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic flea / heartworm chemical pesticides + Feeding a species Happy dog and cat 11appropriate diet = Healthiest cats / dogs = No vet visits = Unhappy vets, AVMA, AAHA, AAFP, NASPHV, AVA, BVA, CVMA & BigPharmaMafia = Happiest and healthiest cats / dogs = Happiest pet parents!… “it’s that easy to keep pets happy / healthy and pet parents happy / smiling”, says Roger Biduk.

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