Reputation“Ive seen tons of dead cats and dogs with flea collars and tags attached”, says Roger Biduk, “dumped into a giant shredder and pot to be boiled at a rendering plant. The euthanasia drug in the cats and dogs, sodium pentobarbitol, stays in the pet food because it survives the heat from rendering. In very low-quality pet  foods you see these ingredients named meat meal, meat and bone meal, animal fat and animal digest which, according to the FDA, have contained pentobarbitol.”

Death is the number one commodity in a business where the demand for feed ingredients far exceeds the supply of raw product. But this elaborate system of food production through waste management has evolved into a recycling nightmare. Rendering plants are unavoidably processing toxic waste.

The dead animals (the “raw”) are accompanied by a whole menu of unwanted ingredients. Pesticides enter the rendering process via poisoned livestock, and oil laced with bootleg DDT and other organophosphates that have accumulated in the bodies of West Coast mackerel and tuna.

Because animals are frequently shoved into the pit with flea collars still attached, organophosphate-containing insecticides get into the mix as well. The insecticide Dursban arrives in the form of cattle insecticide patches. Pharmaceuticals leak from antibiotics in livestock, and euthanasia drugs given to pets are also included. Heavy metals accumulate from a variety of sources: pet ID tags, surgical pins and needles.

“The sad truth is that most (sometimes ALL) of the main ingredients in commercial pet foods sold in grocery stores, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals help provide patients for vets! Why is that and how can that be?” Roger Biduk

Even plastic winds up going into the pit. Unsold supermarket meats, chicken and fish arrive in styrofoam trays and shrink wrap. No one has time for the tedious chore of unwrapping thousands of rejected meat-packs. More plastic is added to the pits with the arrival of cattle ID tags, plastic insecticide patches and the green plastic bags containing pets from veterinarians.

Animal fat, beef and bone meal, animal digest and meat and bone meal are all ingredients found in the very lowest quality pet foods. According to the FDA, those four ingredients have contained the lethal drug pentobarbital which is used to euthanize cats and dogs.

This is very problematic because sodium pentobarbital can withstand the heat from rendering. This also means that there may be euthanized cats and dogs in those ingredients along with the disease (cancer, tumors, etc.) the animal died from! There is no control over quality or contamination.

“Pet owners don’t have to worry about any of the above if they do what I do, that is feed their pets a balanced, raw meat diet. If feeding a commercial pet food, make sure the ingredients are grain-free, low starch, low carbohydrates and contain only human-grade ingredients” says Roger Biduk.


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