ReputationRoger Biduk “It’s estimated that there’s a total of around 165 million cats and dogs in the U.S. Considering that…:

1) 90%+ of ingredients in most pet foods may be “inappropriate” and cause illness and disease…

2) Most all cats / dogs are over-vaccinated (one-time vaccinations are good for life immunity) which cause illness and disease…

Roger Biduk-Veterinarian Dollar Signs Eyes Vaccinations3) Many are given poisonous, neurotoxic, carinogenic chemical flea / heartworm pesticides in the form of pills, topical applications, collars and injections which cause illness and disease… it’s no wonder so few live to a ripe old age!”

The results of this documented clinical study says it all (only in the corrupt and unethical pet industry does one have to defend something like feeding a carnivore a diet similar to one that they have been thriving on since the beginning of creation!):

All of the 505 dogs and 83 cats in the study had a history of chronic skin diseases. Of those, 114 dogs and 19 cats also displayed symptoms of gastrointestinal disturbance including vomiting, irregular stool patterns, weight loss and general weakness.

“Steroids (i.e. Prednisone) and NSAIDs (i.e. Rimadyl, Deramaxx) are among the dangerous, over-prescribed and misused drugs for cats and dogs. Stay away from veterinarians who prescribe these before looking at other alternatives. Very often, these drugs only treat the symptoms and don’t cure the real problem, which is the underlying cause and can make things worse.” Roger Biduk

All of the cats / dogs were put on a diet of fresh raw meats and by the twelfth month, 94% of the dogs with mild to severe pruritis and dermatoses showed no symptoms and 84% of the cats showed a healing response! The clinical trial can be seen here.

Roger Biduk-Dogs Want More Meat“Two of the biggest killers of animal companions are CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) and Feline Diabetes, both of which don’t even exist in the wild! These diseases are the result of dogs (carnivores) and cats (obligate carnivores) being fed a grain-based and often meatless kibble filled with cheap (and dangerous) fillers like corn, wheat, soy, by-products, etc.” Roger Biduk

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