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“It’s unbelievable,” notes Roger Biduk, “that the brands of petfoods to avoid are the ones recommended by every allopathic veterinaReputationrian I know of, the AVMA, AAHA, AAFP & NASPHV. Many of those brands including Hills Prescription Diet and Hill’s Science Diet were recalled in 2007 by the FDA for poisoning and killing cats and dogs in the Melamine Poison Pet Food Recall Scandal of 2007. That should tell pet owners something.”

”I’ve never known of any cat / dog that’s stayed healthy being fed pet foods such as Purina, Iams, Hill’s Science Diet, Eukanuba, Pedigree, Ol’ Roy or veteriarian-sold “prescription diets” such as Purina Veterinary Diets, Iams Veterinary Formulas, Hill’s Prescription Diets, Eukanuba Veterinary Diets, Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition or Royal Canin Veterinary Therapeutic Formulas…. but I know of lots that have gotten very, very sick on them!

”Conversely, I’ve never heard of or know of any cat or dog that’s been unhealthy or not thriving being fed a species-appropriate, balanced, enzyme-rich raw meat diet or a commercial diet that resembles one,” says Roger Biduk.

Pet parents must educate and inform themselves about the misinformation which is the pet food industrial complex marketing machine that generates annual quantum revenue of over $65billion+ of $$$$ / year which includes makers of low-quality pet foods including ”prescription diets”, combined with the veterinary industry which includes bad, unethical veterinarians and the AVMA, AAHA, AAFP and NASPHV… all at the expense of the health of your pet!!!

Roger Biduk-Dog Food Poison Bowl With VetDid your vet tell you that on April 14, 2014, Purina, Pedigree and Hill’s Science Diet were found to contain cancer-causing aflatoxin! Aflatoxins are considered to be among the most cancer-causing agents on the planet. I’m sure your vet forgot to mention that!

Did your vet tell you that veterinarian-sold Hill’s Prescription Diet was caught (January / 2015):

• Containing very dangerous levels of calcium, three times the legal limit!
• Containing very dangerous, high levels of mycotoxin risk (mycotoxins are among the most carcinogous substances on the planet!)
• Contained very dangerous, numerous bacteria including two the FDA terms “Qualifying Pathogens” posing a “serious threat to public health”! I’m sure your vet forgot to mention that!

Now, why do you think your vet didn’t tell you all that when he / she sold you a bag ($$$$) to Roger Biduk-Dogfood Poison Scullcure Fluffy / Fido only to realize weeks or months after that the health problem is still there or has gotten much worse…???… and cha-ching, more $$$$ for your vet to “treat” the problems caused by the”prescription diets”… possibly the beginning of the end for your pet!

Remember, Hill’s Prescription Diet is only sold by veterinarians and the motto of Hill’s Science Diet is “Vets #1 Choice to Feed Their Own Pets”… that should also tell you something about those lousy allopathic vets who sell this garbage!

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, Hill’s Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Ol’ Roy, Hill’s Prescription Diet, Eukanuba, Iams and a plethora of other low-quality pet food brands were also found to contain melamine or cyanuric acid. These are the ingredients that were imported from China, found in low-quality pet foods that poisoned and killed untold numbers of pets in 2007 in the Melamine Poison Pet Food Recall Scandal of 2007.

If your cat and / or dog are being fed any of the following four major pet food makers and their brands (avoid them all), read the ingredients. You’ll see that most (sometimes ALL) of the main ingredients in these pet foods are listed on my webpage Ingredients to Avoid at all Costs in Pet Food and you can see the harm they’re doing to your cat / dog on my webpage Definitions of Ingredients to Avoid in Pet Food.

Dog cat read ingredientsMars Inc.: Pedigree, Cesar, Goodlife Recipe, Whiskas, Temptations Cat Treats, Royal Canin, Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition,  Royal Canin Veterinary Therapeutic Formulas, Ol’ Roy, Eukanuba, Eukanuba Veterinary Diets, Iams and Iams Veterinary Formulas.

Nestlé SA: Purina, Purina One, Alpo, Beneful, Beneful Healthy Harvest, Busy Bone, Chew-rific, Purina Waggin’ Train Treats, Canyon Creek Ranch Jerky Treats or Tenders, Deli-Cat, Dog Chow, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Gourmet Gold, Mon Petit, HiPro, Kibbles and Chunks, Kit ‘N Kaboodle, Mighty Dog, Purina Pro Plan, TBonz, Purina Veterinary Diets and Whisker Lickin’s.

Colgate-Palmolive: Hill’s Science Diet, Hill’s Prescription Diet.

Dog poison 3Big Heart Pet Brands [formerly called Del Monte Foods]: Meow Mix, Kibbles n’ Bits, 9Lives, Milo’s Kitchen, Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Pounce, Gravy Train, Jerky Treats, Canine Carry Outs, Snausages, Alley Cat and Meaty Bone.

These four companies probably contributed 70% (down from 95%-99%) of all dog food manufactured in the United States, which is really troubling when you read the section on the melamine pet food recall.

“Why would the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) & National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV) and every allopathic veterinarian I know vigorously try to justify not feeding raw meats to dogs which are carnivores and cats which are obligate (strict) carnivores and instead recommend low-quality kibble [i.e. “prescription diets] that contains little or no Dog poison 4meat, meat and poultry by-products, meat/beef and bone meal & animal digest (may include insecticides, pesticides, euthanized cats/dogs that are full of disease and drugs), corn, grains, wheat and soy products, harmful preservatives and artificial colors that have never been, are not now and will never, ever be part of a cat/dog’s natural diet and can lower their life expectancy by half from a plethora of diseases caused by being given the wrong foods? It should come at no surprise it’s all about big $$$$!” Roger Biduk

Remember, cats / dogs have a ZERO need for carbohydrates and a dog’s ancestral diet is only six per cent carbs which is true to this very day… if feeding commercial petfoods, always feed a grain-free / high protein / low carb formula.

Roger Biduk - Pet foods to avoidAnimal protein (avoid plant protein) in commercial dog foods should be a minimum of 34% and carbohydrates 25% – 30% or less and cat food should be even higher in protein and lower in carbs.

Are you feeding your cat/dog any of the following brands of pet food (many of which are recommended by veterinarians!)?







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