ReputationRoger Biduk says “the absolute nonsense about someone saying their dog or cat had a “long life” and died at 12 years old is usually because they got some sort of cancer, liver, kidney or auto-immune disease from frequent vaccinations (anything more than once is too much!) and / or giving poisonous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, chemical insecticides / pesticides for heartworm / fleas in the form of pills, collars, injections or topical applications and / or from the garbage kibble they’ve been fed bought at veterinary clinics [i.e. Hill’s Prescription Diets], grocery and pet food stores that are often super-low in protein and super-high in carbohydrates, meatless and full of grains, corn, soy, sugars, starch, wheat, by-products and other cheap and harmful fillers.

Pet foodOne dog year is NOT equal to seven human years. Five-to-one (sometimes less) is more like it for some dogs under 50 pounds. Feed a dog (carnivore) and cat (obligate carnivore) what they’re supposed to eat – that’ll keep them out of the vet’s office; give them lots of love and even the big ones will live to a ripe old age. Read all about cat and dog longevity here.

Even if you feed your child three times a day at McDonald’s and they smoke two packs a day, they’ll probably hit their 50s or 60s before things really start to go wrong.

Scientific fact: Recent Veterinary science has determined by the cellular make-up of dogs and cats:

“The average size dog should have a life span of 25 years… Cats should have a life span of 30 years” (Research by Drs. Diane Hericowa, Michael Hand and Ted Mosier).

Nothing is more important in determining the health and lifespan of your animal companion than the ingredients in the food they eat, the vaccinations they get (less is more) and the poisonous, chemical flea / heartworm pesticides they’re given (none is essential!). It’s your responsibility as a pet parent!” says Roger Biduk.


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