ReputationRoger Biduk says don’t be afraid to threaten to sue your veterinarian. “My dog and two of my cats died at a young age years ago and this was before what I now know about animal nutrition and vaccinations. Autopsies  showed cancers, tumors and CRF that were from my two veterinarians recommending annual vaccinations, annual toxic, poisonous, carcinogenic chemical heartworm/flea pills and garbage kibble from Purina, Hills Prescription Diet and Science Diet. They reimbursed me all my vet bills within 60 days of $7200 after I threatened to sue. These are your typical unethical veterinarians.”

Stop bad vetsThis is a site about cat and dog nutrition and is a work in progress.

It is sometimes intentionally provocative & outspoken in order to disturb the status quo, which needs to be educated and must be changed!

In some cases, repetition appears. Certain things are worth repeating, over and over again.

“The sad truth is that most (sometimes ALL) of the main ingredients in commercial pet foods sold in grocery stores, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals including Prescription Diets help provide patients for vets! Why is that and how can that be” asks Roger Biduk

Pictures will be coming soon of the dear friends that I talk about on this page who were lost much too early because of what I gave them to eat and the vaccinations and poisons they received on the advice I followed from veterinarians.

I swore on the graves of my animal companions that I would protect their brothers and sisters. I’ve done hundreds hours of research to separate fact from fiction and now I’ve found the answer. Too bad for animal companions worldwide that veterinarians that only practice allopathic veterinary don’t do the same…!



There are no words for the feeling I got when I went from playing fetch with my dog to six weeks later burying her in the back yard. I felt helpless when I was told by the vet that her systems are shutting down one by one and there is nothing that can be done to help her. But ALL this could have been prevented if I knew then what I know now.

I felt helpless watching my beautiful Blue Point Himalayan cat actually walk and sit in the shower by herself, knowing that she must drink water but she can’t because her kidneys have shut down.

You pray that she’ll get better, but when her breathing becomes so labored that you hear her in the next room, you know it’s time. On the way to the vet you know what you’re going to have to do and you start to feel the loss already and you start to cry.

You make the decision and give her one last kiss as she looks up at you with her sad eyes as if to say “it’s time, I understand, I’ll be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge“. Your head is pressed against hers and with tears pouring from your eyes you feel the last breath leaving her body.

You take her home crying the whole way and you dig a grave in the back yard and say your last goodbye to the best friend you ever had. Gone forever out of your life is the only living thing that ever gave you unconditional love no matter how you treated her.

And I killed them because of what I fed them over the years and the vaccinations and poisons they received by listening to veterinarians that either knew absolutely nothing about cat/dog nutrition, vaccinations, toxic, poisonous, carcinogenic flea/heartworm pills and spot-on applications and/or put their profits before the well-being of my pets!

After our animal companions have left us, we all have a feeling like we’ve been kicked in the stomach over & over again that can last a very long time…..that’s the small price we pay for having the PRIVILEGE of knowing our animal companions…..but fear not, because we will meet them again at Rainbow Bridge.


By the way, that lump you feel in your throat while watching Rainbow Bridge is their way of saying “thanks for the memories”…..


Roger Biduk says having a pet is like having a child for life. “Remember, your children aren’t dependent on you for their whole lives but your animal companions are….. you wouldn’t over-vaccinate or feed your kids food that makes them sick, cause illness and disease leading to premature death, would you….. then why would you do it to your animal companions with a grocery store or veterinarian brand diet?”


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